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Folding-type thin rice vermicelli production line

The thin rice vermicelli can be used in soup or Fried noodle. Our production of is based on the traditional process and parameter requirements, combined with modern mechanization technology. From the raw material treatment, to the production of rice noodle products. Its main features are:
1. Continuous production process;
2. Automatic control is realized for the equipment, and manual operation is not required after setting process parameters;
3. Stable operation, low failure rate, easy operation and easy cleaning;
4, equipped with a professional technical team, from the installation and commissioning to trial production, can provide perfect, professional technical support.


output: 4T/24h

steam consumption: 400kg/h

water consumption: 3/10/t/day

Power: around 70KW


Automatic folding-type rice noodle production line

①   Rice soaking

Rice submerged pumped into stainless steel soaking pot with water supply subsystem and auto-loading off device.  Durable and easy to clean.

②   Rice washing & degritting

The rice after soaking is delivered to the sand removal tank for getting rid of the impurities , and then transported into rice washing and draining.

③   Grinding into rice milk

Cleaned rice will be grinding into rice milk by the pulping machine; Fineness and moisture is adjustable.

④   Rice milk filtering & sizing mixing

Rice milk will be filtered and sized out unqualified pellets and then adding starch for adjusting the concentration.

⑤   Rice milk steam

steam rice milk to pre-cooking

⑥  Rice extruding

The pre-gelatinized rice is processed by extruder for cooking and forming.

⑦   aging

 the rice vermicelli into the aging machine, in order to make the product taste more elastic;

⑧   rice vermicelli steamed and second aging

The rice vermicelli will be fully cooked on the continuous belt by steaming; and transfer into second aging tunnel, the rice vermicelli is loosened

⑨ folding  and drying  

 rice vermicelli folded by hand, and then dried in a dryer.

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