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sliced rice noodle (Ho Fun)production line

This production line is an equipment for making dry rice flour with rice as raw material. We adopt the latest technology to produce dry rice flour, which simplifies the traditional process and shortens the production and processing time of dry rice flour. From pulping to product packaging after drying, mechanization and continuous production are realized without manual operation. Production line technology is mature, equipment is easy to learn good operation, low failure rate, suitable for large-scale production needs, production process to meet the requirements of food hygiene.
The mixing pot of this production line is equipped with a mixing device, which adjusts the rice pulp to a proper state with the cooperation of the quantitative powder feeder and prevents the rice pulp from settling. The slurry storage tank of the machine is equipped with level gauge and stirring device to ensure that the slurry does not precipitate and the slurry is evenly distributed.
The products produced by this production line are of uniform thickness, uniform degree of ripening, neat strip, soft taste and good elasticity.
The machine adopts the freezing aging process, the freezing time is short, no need of manual, water washing loose wire, the process is simple, energy saving and emission reduction.
The production process does not add any additives, the product taste smooth, elastic, retain the original grain flavor.

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